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Genius is the most experienced hosted dialler supplier to contact centres in the UK.

We have been developing and managing predictive dialler systems for over 15 years, whilst running our own contact centres. This unique end user insight ensures that our hosted offering is truly unique in the call centre marketplace.

Our hosted dialler is built around simple, flexible commercials; Pay As You Go dialling, without investment, or restrictive contracts.

Our hosted system is supported by nationally accredited training and support teams to manage every aspect of dialler service delivery and there are absolutely no set up costs for any new installations of our predictive platform.

Having a blue chip client base, we are data centre based, allowing access to the ultimate level of dialling resilience available; from telcos, to redundant hardware and bandwidth, guaranteeing the highest level of availability, redundancy, data security and instant scalability for your hosted contact centre.

We also have every predictive dialler compliance box ticked; Ofcom, PCI DSS, DPA and more without the need for any human intervention, protecting against huge industry complaince fines and more importantly your brand and reputation.

hosted dialling - pay as you go commercials

• No hosting costs • No set up costs
• Pay as you go billing • No contracts
• Predictive dialling on demand • Per second call costs