got any questions?

Our hosted dialler model is simple and straightforword. Below are some commonly asked questions and answers:

What will it cost to implement the Genius hosted dialler?

Absolutely nothing. There is no cost to set up our hosted dialler. We will customise our dialler to exactly how you need it, project manage the entire implementation and even train your agents, all at no cost.

Will I need to buy expensive system licences for all of my agents and supervisors?

Absolutely not, we do not make you invest in licences with our hosted model. You only pay for whatever you need to use each month. With Genius you will not need to sign expensive finance leases, talk to your Bank Manager or Finance Director before talking to us.

Will I need to invest in new hardware?

No, all you need is a telephone and internet connection.

Will you tie me to a contract?

Absolutely not, our hosted dialler commercial model is Pay As You Go. If there was a contract, it would not be Pay As You Go, unlike most other systems.

Will I have to pay separate maintenance, support and call recording costs?

No, never. All system maintenance and support is included in our PAYG hosted rental and we have a dedicated 24/7 Helpdesk team on call whenever you need them, every one of them UK based. Call recording and storage is also included as standard in our hosted dialler, regardless of how many lines, or how much storage you need.

Will you visit me onsite and how much will that cost?

Absolutely, we will spend as much time onsite with you as you need; whether that is project management, training, or just simple ongoing support. There is never any charge for our time.

Whenever I need to make changes to the dialler, what is the cost?

There is never any cost for this. Whenever you need to change anything onscreen or add a new report, just pick up the phone to our Helpdesk and they will make any changes you need. As our dialler is hosted, nearly all changes can be made quickly, remotely.

What is the cost if I am not using the dialler?

Absolutely nothing. If you do not use our dialler in any given month, you will not pay a penny.

What about compliance, do I need to do anything?

No, it is all taken care of; our dialler automatically manages everything for you. It has automated OFCOM, PCI DSS, DPA compliance built in.

Do I always need to dial predictively?

No, you can choose your preferred dialling mode on a campaign basis; Preview, Progressive or Predictive. You can change this whenever you need to.