hosted dialler - what features does it have?

Our hosted dialler, built from 15 years hands contact centre and dialler management experience, is packed with features to enhance your contact centre:

hosted dialler - packed with features

• Inbound & outbound call handling
• Manage multiple campaigns
• Predictive, progressive or preview hosted dialler
• Call Recording with instant retrieval
• Best time to call profiling - only attempt to dial when you are most likely to receive a connect
• Skills based routing - route calls to best performing agents/skills sets every time
• Callback setting
• Prioritise calling lists real time
• MI dashboards
• Live agent monitoring
• Mini CRM
• IVR Campaigns
• Virtual agent broadcasting for high volume contact

hosted dialler - compliance as standard

• OFCOM Compliant (self pacing algorithm, no need for dialler management)
• PCI DSS Compliant (Ability to auto pause call recordings at pre-determined call points)
• DPA compliance

Our hosted dialler guarantees OFCOM compliance by using a self pacing algorithm, ensuring that silent call rates are capped and managed automatically, meaning you can never be caught out by a £2,000,000 OFCOM dialling fine.

Our hosted platform's call recording system also takes care of PCI DSS regulations by ensuring that all call recordings can be paused to sensor the capture of any sensitive information. Our hosted platform also has automated compliance mechanisms built in on screen to ensure full DPA compliance.