implementation & support

Having sat in your seat in our previous businesses, we know from experience that you will need support 24/7, 365 days a year. Your clients will demand it from you therefore you get it as standard with us, whatever you need, when you need it.

We supply you with onsite training before and after go-live as well as Helpdesk teams accessible 24/7, all of whom are based in the UK and are always on hand to take your call, no matter what time day or night, 7 days a week.

will you train my staff?

We train everyone, as standard at no cost to your business.

Every member of staff in your business will be trained by a nationally accredited training division, we do not send online manuals via the post at Genius.

Our training courses are tailored to each implementation are also written by people who themselves have managed hundreds of contact centre agents in our own contact centres, not simply software developers guessing what you might like to know.

We have training programmes for agents, team managers, dialler managers and internal technical teams, ensuring absolutely everyone is trained on our system.

Our support teams will also have weekly ongoing calls and site visits to make sure you are getting everything you need from the system and they can also point out things they see that you might not.

You will not get that level of support from anyone else.

how much does all of the support cost?

Absolutely nothing.

There is never any cost for our time at Genius, regardless of what you need it for, this is why we are different from every other hosted suppllier. Other dialler providers see being onsite with you a burden, hence the huge cost if you ever ask for it. At Genius, we see it being a crucial part of service delivery, hence why we never charge for our tim eto be with you.

Your business will largely rely on the success of our dialler alone, therefore it our job to make your staff experts in how to use it and you should not have to pay for that.

With our hosted system, you can have onsite training and support whenever you need it and whenever you need new reports, changes to the screens or even integration to another system we manage all of it for you, absolutely everything is included.

Other suppliers will charge you £500 - £1000+ for all of this before and after go live. They will try not mention it to you, but next time you talk to them, be sure to ask as the cost for all of above can be the price of a second system in itself!

With Genius, there is never a ‘high five’ from the accounts team whenever you need support or you forgot to include something onscreen, just a willingness to get it done as soon as possible to make the system more efficient for you.

Your Finance department will love this model; unlike our competitors and we are sure operational teams will love it too!

what if I need to make any changes?

Our UK based Helpdesk teams are here to pick up the phone 24/7. So whenever you need a screen change, new report or maybe you just want to talk something through, they are always on hand to take your call. They will take care of anything you need, leaving you free to simply handle calls.

We will even arrange to come back onsite and arrange to help roll out any changes if required, from new reports to new campaigns.