pay as you go dialler costs

With our hosted Pay As You Go dialler, there is no upfront capex required; not one penny and no contract to sign.

• No licences, no seat fees and no capex to pay upfront
• No minimum usage constraints
• No restrictive contracts
• Only pay when you use it

With the Genius Pay As You Go dialler, you only ever pay for what you use, whenever you need to use it.

pay as you go dialler rental - what's included

Our Pay As You Go dialler is all inclusive, so unlike other hosted dialler suppliers, our rental cost includes all of below:

System Set Up £0.00
New Campaign Set Up (customised each time) £0.00
Agent Scripts & Data Capture Screens £0.00
Training Resource £0.00
Project Management £0.00
Helpdesk & Support Teams £0.00
Call Recording, Lines & Storage £0.00
Ongoing System Changes £0.00
System Upgrades & New Features £0.00
System Maintenance £0.00
Ready Made Disaster Recovery £0.00

Our PAYG dialler rental has two PAYG cost models, PAYG per minute for lower usage,or fixrd fee PAYG unmlimited usage, offering total flexibility.

• PAYG per minute for lower usage campaigns
• Fixed fee PAYG unmlimited usage for higher usage campaigns